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$249,900 Mortgage Calculator
Pawtucket, RI / 02860
MLS# 1092142
Type: Single Family
Neighborhood: FAIRLAWN
Beds: 4 Beds
Baths: 1 Full / 2 Half
Living Area: 1,880 sq. ft.
Lot Size: 19,739 sq. ft.
Listed by: Ronnie TOSONI RE/MAX Professionals
Office: 401-884-6050
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$770,000 Mortgage Calculator
Narragansett, RI / 02882
MLS# 1083015
Type: Single Family
Beds: 3 Beds
Baths: 2 Full / 0 Half
Living Area: 1,680 sq. ft.
Lot Size: 11,973 sq. ft.
Office: 401-884-8050
$350,000 Mortgage Calculator
Cumberland, RI / 02864
MLS# 1008191
Type: Vacant Land
Neighborhood: TOWER HILL
Lot Frontage: 1,742 ft.
Lot Size: 2,285,593 sq. ft.
Lot Type: Residential, Agriculture
Listed by: Deb Jobin & Company RE/MAX River's Edge - Bristol
Office: 401-254-1776
$398,500 Mortgage Calculator
Portsmouth, RI / 02871
MLS# 1073456
Type: Single Family
Beds: 4 Beds
Baths: 2 Full / 0 Half
Living Area: 3,515 sq. ft.
Lot Size: 19,745 sq. ft.
Listed by: Nancy Crockett Crockett Realty, Inc.
Office: 401-741-5920
$1,199,000 Mortgage Calculator
Barrington, RI / 02806
MLS# 1085582
Type: Single Family
Neighborhood: NAYATT POINT
Beds: 5 Beds
Baths: 3 Full / 1 Half
Living Area: 4,300 sq. ft.
Lot Size: 40,280 sq. ft.
Listed by: Nancy Weaver Residential Properties, Ltd.
Office: 401-245-9600
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$354,500 Mortgage Calculator
Coventry, RI / 02827
MLS# 1068386
Type: Single Family
Neighborhood: GREENE
Beds: 3 Beds
Baths: 3 Full / 0 Half
Living Area: 3,218 sq. ft.
Lot Size: 146,362 sq. ft.
Listed by: Raquel Storti Keller Williams Realty
Office: 401-785-1700
$324,900 Mortgage Calculator
Coventry, RI / 02816
MLS# 1091306
Type: Single Family
Beds: 3 Beds
Baths: 2 Full / 1 Half
Living Area: 2,808 sq. ft.
Lot Size: 65,776 sq. ft.
Listed by: Debbie Grimaldi RE/MAX 1st Choice
Office: 401-943-6111
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$2,850,000 Mortgage Calculator
Barrington, RI / 02806
MLS# 1082277
Type: Single Family
Neighborhood: RUMSTICK POINT
Beds: 5 Beds
Baths: 4 Full / 3 Half
Living Area: 9,012 sq. ft.
Lot Size: 71,250 sq. ft.
Listed by: Nancy Weaver Residential Properties, Ltd.
Office: 401-245-9600
$499,999 Mortgage Calculator
Tiverton, RI / 02878
MLS# 1090780
Type: Single Family
Neighborhood: CHERRY HILL
Beds: 4 Beds
Baths: 4 Full / 0 Half
Living Area: 5,920 sq. ft.
Lot Size: 31,611 sq. ft.
Listed by: Inessa Moshkina Badger Realty
Office: 401-495-4756
Photos 360 View
$597,900 Mortgage Calculator
North Kingstown, RI / 02852
MLS# 1063920
Type: Single Family
Neighborhood: QUAIL HOLLOW
Beds: 4 Beds
Baths: 2 Full / 1 Half
Living Area: 3,076 sq. ft.
Lot Size: 121,532 sq. ft.
Office: 401-886-6100
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