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You can use RILiving Mobile Powered by Smarter Agent on any phone. There are two ways to get RILiving Mobile:

1. Type in your cell phone number in the box above and we’ll send you a text link to download the application.

2. Another way is to text RILIV to 87778. This will send you a text link to download the application.


Here’s what to expect:

We send you a link for the best FREE application for your phone. Our very cool GPS applications are FREE on all Sprint phones, and on the iPhone, Blackberry and Android operating systems.

On all other 200 million phones on Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T we will send you our FREE browser/WAP application. It’s not as robust as a downloadable application. To use a downloadable application (on a normal cell phone or smartphone) on these carriers there is a small monthly charge.

Currently downloadable applications are free on Sprint, $1.49 on Verizon, $1.99 on T-mobile and $4.99 on AT&T.

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