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How do I find homes that are "handicap accessible"?

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To search for properties that have handicap accessible attributes using the “search” tab found in the upper-left corner of the homepage,

  • Enter your desired property type(s) in the “Property Type” field;
  • Click on “Select Cities {+}” , chose your state(s) and add your city or cities by using the selection box
  • Select your price range by choosing a low and high list price in the “Price Range” field
  • Click on the “Advanced Search” link which will extend the tab to display additional search options like Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Style, Lot Size and Garage Spaces.
  • Enter your remaining criteria and click on the “Search” button
  • With your resulting properties now displayed, click on the “Handicap Access” icon displayed above the first property – this will filter your matches for only those properties with handicap accessible features.
  • Listed within each property’s detail description is a list of exactly which handicap accessible attributes are found in that property.

NOTE: Properties displayed on RILiving as having handicap accessible features may or may not be fully accessible. Please contact your REALTOR for further information about a specific property of interest.